Thursday, November 14, 2013

I liked this activity because it was like "painting" on a canvas but not realistically. In tiny version.

Blue collection

This collections could give us a hint about where we live in but not of details can give it away. Our collection can show that we like design. It shows the world how all these objects are included in that.


Our collection

Our collections has many things to make it special. Theres lunch box's, the globe, pillows and more. Collections are normally based on things that are alike. This collection is in the color blue. The way i see it is every object has blue in it but also tells its own story. Every object doesn't have the same shape or the same meaning, their all unique. Just like people were all humans but different in our own way. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My collection is ...

Many people collect things for many reasons. Most artists collect to either get ideas or because the joy of what their collecting. I collect snowballs and the reason is because they bring me joy and you can bring them from the places you go. Snow balls can have a lot of meaning to them. Depending on where you get them or just because you like them. Each snow ball has a different meaning.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Compare and Contrast

The difference between regular pencils and colored pencils and that the way you shade them together are different. I didn't like how pencils don't have a verity in shades. Colored pencils have a lot more. 

Candy Jar

The goal was, to make the candy jar was to be realistic as possible. To make the candy look real in the jar. This was a harder task to do because it's hard to see which parts are supposed to look bigger, and which parts don't.

This was a fun process because we had to figure out how to focus in colored pencils with the right shades , and to not incorporate the pencil. 

Bicycle Drawing

This bicycle drawing was a challenge to draw. You had to be sure you got all of the spikes and screws in to make the bike look realistic. Although I'm not the best drawer , I tried to incorporate the best features to make the bike realistic.