Tuesday, June 10, 2014


I learned from this experience that it is a good thing to keep things from your past to remind you of later. You're not going to remember everything you do so you have to savior some things. This taught me that later in life I'm going to do something like this but bigger so I can open up later when I'm older to see all of the thing I've done. 

Time Capsule

In my time capsule, I chose very sentimental items some close to my heart, and some I just like. I chose to pick a cat, because I like cats. I chose secondly in my objects, a birthday card for my sixteenth birthday to remind me of what everyone wished me. I put
some money (good luck or just for fun). 
I had to put my best friends somewhere in this capsule, so I put pictures with them. I also put in my 2014 newsletter to remind me of the year it was, and the types of music I listen to on a piece of paper. And last but definitely not least, my letter to myself. It's going to be really important to me to see how I was when I was little when I come back and read it. It has all of the stuff I believe in now, it'll be interesting to see if I still have the same beliefs.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Family first

Family is everything to me. They always come first in my book. If your considered a bestfriend then yes you're family to me.
It was summer and my family decided to go out to breakfast. It was my cousins, me, Amanda and my dad. We went out to a pretty nice place but not too nice. We ordered a lot of things we couldn't finish of course. Bryce being the smallest somehow eats more then we do. Its such a nice day, not too hot outside, just perfect. These days to me are the best. Being with your family and with people who care is such a great feeling.

Thursday, April 10, 2014


A hot summers day, a normal day for me and Amanda. We decided to take Dillan and Riley to the park. As we were walking, the weather increasingly got hot. By tis time we were almost at the park when we hear a sound coming from a tree. We notice its a bee hive. Dillan and Riley start running so of crousebwe chase them. By the time we get to park their exhauted and tired. So we go back home to get something to drink and relax. We get home and decide to go in the pool. It becomes such a memorable day for us. Ill never forget how much fun we had.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Fortune cookie inspired book page

I painted my whole fortune Cookie assignment. I drew the symbols as words, and the number for the lucky numbers. I drew buildings as great successful and great fortune. Also I mixed the background picture with two colors , yellow and red to make it seem like it had a more Chinese feel. This assigns net made me think of it as hope and devotion to good things.

Art X 3

The At X 3 assignment challenged me alittle bit. Having to constantly remind myself to put work into it but not get too attached where when it leaves I'm into pieces on how hard I've worked on it. As in a life lesson to a relationship, don't get too attached, don't make one thing be the reliance of your happiness, you can do that on your own, you've done it before. All in all this process was a life lesson no matter what someone says. My piece wasnt a master piece , but also wasnt an unthoughtful piece of work.

Pop print

Pop print is a very fun and tough assignment. Not only because your drawling something you picked out, but also because you need to know where to put the shadows.  It's hard trying to figure out where to put the shadow sand where not to.